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Never Let Acceptable Get In The Way of Exceptional!

Sports Illustrated has recognized Roger as “one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in the world.” However, this is not why top companies hire Roger Crawford. His presentations go beyond a feel-good message to deliver powerful insights that inspire remarkable performance! Roger has an amazing story to tell, but he is far more interested in helping your teams succeed than simply recounting how he “overcame the odds” and persevered.  Roger understands that organizations need and deserve actionable ideas that create a lasting impact, not just a “quick-fix” motivational story that does little to generate long-term change and sustained motivation.

Because of Roger’s extraordinary life experience, he offers organizations a unique business perspective on adapting, innovating, resiliency and achieving a competitive edge, along with the positive mindset needed to overcome adversity, all of which are necessary to produce exceptional results and greater success for his clients.


Inspirational Keynote Speeches:


How High Can You Bounce?
Become A Master Of Change

In this presentation, audience members learn the strategies to become victors of change not victims of change. This mindset allows them to benefit from the enormous opportunity that change presents. Roger Crawford will give your team a powerful perspective that enables them to not merely survive, but thrive as they successfully navigate change.

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playing-from-the-heartWho Do You Think You Are?
How to Achieve Peak Performance

The foundation of exceptional performance is the belief that success is possible and that we have the capability to achieve our objectives. Because we rarely if ever perform better than we believe we can. This dynamic program provides skills and strategies needed to positively redefine who you think you are, shatter self-imposed limitations & unleash peak performance.

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think-againThink Again!
The Power of Possibility Thinking

Everyone encounters circumstances that are uncontrollable and unchangeable, but we can learn to control and change our mindset. When you put the “Think Again!” skills into practice, your productivity increases, performance is enhanced & new possibilities emerge!

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